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Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Ancona, 24/06/13 #12636



AF Marina (2012)

Building Spec.

Cantiere navale Visentini, Porto Viro, Italy, 1994 N° 163

Call Sign

9HA3241 (à02/2013)

IBAW (02/2013à)

IMO Number







166,2 x 22 x 5,8


1 Sulzer 16ZAV40S, 11.520 kW


20 knots




340 in 85 cabins


700 (estimate)

Lane Metres


Sister Ships


Registry Port

Valletta (à02/2013)

Naples (02/2013à)


Malta (à02/2013)

Italy (02/2013à)

Former Names/Own.

Toscana Tirrenia Navigazione 1994-11/2012

New Names/Own.



Trieste Ancona - Durres


In 1994 Visentini shipyard of Porto Viro, which hadn’t yet started to build the well-known and appreciated ro-pax series which gave birth to 24 sister vessels between 1997 and 2011, delivered to Tirrenia a ship which was an evolution of the ro/ro designed and built from the end of 80’s. The “Toscana” named after an Italian Region, as Tirrenia used to do for cargo vessels, shared the mono-engine layout with these vessels, a main garage and an upper weather deck, a lower garage for cars, the accommodation block at the stern. The main differences with the Visentini cargos of that period, were the double stern ramp, one of those directly linking to the weather deck, the absence of the starboard side ramp, and, above all, accommodations for 170 drivers, classifying her as a passenger vessel. She started operating on the network to Sardinia, until 1996, when she was sent to SMEB yards of Messina to increase her passenger capacity to 600; this was a surprising choice, as long as the “Toscana” had a clear cargo layout and Tirrenia owned, in the same period, other units which were better suitable to a similar conversion. This conversion led Tirrenia to use this vessel also on main passenger services to Sardinia, such as Genoa – Porto Torres or Civitavecchia – Olbia; her increased passenger capacity, anyway, was not enough to serve these lines, and was soon relegated to Caralis, which attracts few passengers rather than the Northern ports, sailing to Genoa, Leghorn, Naples, Trapani, Palermo, serving also the Ancona – Split line during 2005 Summer. The “Toscana” was, anyway, well known also for her mechanical troubles, which often forced the ferry to remain idle in port or, sometimes, making her sea crossings unforgettable for her passengers, being affected by failures which stopped her only engine at sea; she was also involved in two casualties, colliding with a fishing vessel at Leghorn in 2001 and on November 23rd, 2005, when she found herself in rough seas sailing from Palermo to Caralis; the high waves caused many damages to the trailers parked on weather deck, with two lorries broking their chains and falling into the sea and few Lancia Ypsilon, which were delivered to Sardinian customers directly from Sicily, where their factory, the Sicilfiat of Termini Imerese, was located, were badly damaged, surely causing a delay in the delivery for the buyers. All these troubles weren’t enough to persuade Tirrenia to avoid an internal refurbishment to the standards of the new vessels delivered the previous years, so in 2006 the “Toscana” got new luxury furnishing, but retained the same failures and troubles, which periodically were stopping her. Few years earlier, the “Toscana” changed also her livery, abandoning the orange-red typical of Tirrenia cargo ferries for the new corporate livery adopted since the delivery of the “Vincenzo Florio”. The compliances about her from the Sardinian residents didn’t stop until her sale to Adria Ferries, on October 2012; the Ancona-based company renamed her “AF Marina”, reflagging the ship to Malta for few months before returning her to the Italian registry; the plans of the owners were to deploy her on a direct Trieste – Durres link, which lacked since the end of 2010, when Halkydon Shipping stopped its services; this happened in 2013, however the “AF Marina” often calls at Ancona, on her way between Trieste and Durres, increasing the capacity from that port. During 2019 autumn the “AF Marina” was fitted with scrubbers at Viktor Lenac yards of Rijeka.


Photo Gallery


TIRRENIA FB Toscana 20_Commis

TIRRENIA FB Toscana 19_Commis

Genoa, May 1995

Genoa, May 1995




TIRRENIA – Toscana (1995-2005)



TIRRENIA FB Toscana 04_Personale 03Ag05

TIRRENIA FB Toscana 18_Personale 30Di06

Ancona, 03/08/05

Palermo, 30/12/06

Michele Lulurgas

Michele Lulurgas


TIRRENIA – Toscana (2005-2012)



Ancona, 24/06/13

Ancona, 24/06/13

Ancona, 24/06/13

Ancona, 24/06/13

Ancona, 24/06/13

Ancona, 24/06/13

Michele Lulurgas

Michele Lulurgas

Michele Lulurgas

Michele Lulurgas

Michele Lulurgas

Michele Lulurgas


ADRIA FERRIES – AF Marina (2012à)


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