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Photo © George Giannakis #6151



Olympia (1987)


Building Spec.

Dubigeon Normandie S.A.,

Nantes, France, 1966 – N°822

Call Sign


IMO Number







109,91 x 17,84 x 4


2 De Bretagne – Pielstick 12PC2-V, 6.990 kW


20 knots







Lane Metres


Sister ships


Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

Chantilly – S.N.C.F. Societè Nationale Chemins de fer France / Sealink 05/1966-04/1987

New Names/Owners

Europa Link – GT Link A/S – Europa Linjen 05/1990-01/1993

Baltivia – Polish Hansa Line 01/1993-04/1996

Chartered to GT Link A/S – Europa Linjen 02/1993-1994

Al Salam 93 – El Salam Shipping 04/1996-12/2002

Scrapped at Alang (India) in 2002 as “Al Salam 93”




The “Olympia” is the fourth ro/ro vessel built and delivered to French Railways, which operated under the “Sealink” umbrella a cross-Channel service along British, Dutch and Belgian state-owned companies. It’s interesting to notice that both the four first ro/ro vessels of S.N.C.F., plus also the fifth (the “Chartres”, delivered in 1974) were sold to Greece, and three of these vessels bought by companies belonging to Agapitos family, while the other two were bought by Strintzis Lines. Entered service in 1966, spending almost all her career under French flag connecting Dover and Calais, apart of short spells between Dieppe and Newhaven and between Dover and Boulogne; in 1966 was also chartered for a week to Townsend Thoresen, serving the Dover – Zeebrugge line. On December 1975, the ferry was rebuilt in Le Havre, where the bow was modified to accommodate a visor, allowing the “drive-through” operations on the ferry. On 5th August, 1982 she collided with the new flagship of S.N.C.F. fleet, the “Cote d’Azur”, reporting heavy damages to her bow, causing her a period of lay up to carry on the necessari works which lasted two months. Anyway on her 21 years as the “Chantilly” the ferry was involved in various little accidents, mainly due to the big traffic in the Channel. In 1987 the ferry was disposed for sale and bought by Agapitos Bros, which named her “Olympia”. Anyway, it wasn’t the first “Olympia” of Agapitos history: the first one was the “Villandry”, bought from S.N.C.F. just two years before and brought to Greece under the name “Olympia”, even if she was never used and was laid up until 1986, when she was sold to Strintzis Lines as their “Delos”. The “Olympia” sailed on Aegean services until 1990, when she was sold to Northern Europe, where she was intended to connect Gedser with Germany, alternating the calls between Travemunde and Rostock, which are, together with Kiel, the main  Baltic German ports. The service lasted four years, even if was discontinued many times and the ferry changed once both ownership and name, then was finally laid up at Rostock. In 1996 was sold to El Salam Shipping as their “El Salam 93”; she was engaged on Red Sea routes until the sale for scrap, in 2004.


Photo Gallery




SNCF Postcard

SNCF Postcard


SEALINK S.N.C.F. – Chantilly (1966-1970)



Calais, 12/09/1978

Dover, April 1985

Paul Morgan

Brian Fisher


SEALINK S.N.C.F. – Chantilly (1976-1986)



Newhaven – David Ingham by

courtesy of Ted Ingham


SEALINK S.N.C.F. – Chantilly (1986-1987)



Immingham, 08/05/1990

Paul Morgan


GT LINK – Europa Link (1990)



Immingham, 23/05/1990

Paul Morgan


GT LINK – Europa Link (1990)


Warnemünde, June 1991

Gedser, June 1991

Pieter Inpijn

Pieter Inpijn


GT LINK – Europa Link (1991-1993)




Michael Segeth


GT LINK – Baltavia (1993-1994)


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