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DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 07_Apostolos Kaknis 11Lu05

Photo © Apostolos Kaknis, Piraeus, 11/07/05 #1698



Diagoras (2001)


Building Spec.

Naikai Zosen,

Setoda, Japan, 1990 – N° 548

Call Sign


IMO Number







141,54 x 23 x 5,4


2 Niigata – Pielstick 12c, 9.753 kW


21 knots




436 in 141 cabins



Lane Metres


Sister ships

Princess of the South

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

New Tosa  Osaka Kochi Tokkyu Ferry 1990-09/2000

Lindos Dane Sea Line 09/2000-09/2001

New Names/Owners

Diagoras Blue Star Ferries 07/2006à



She arrived in Greece in October 2000 after 10 years of service in Japan as “New Tosa”, named “Lindos” and rebuilt at Perama yards to be converted as a passenger ferry from her previous ro/pax configuration. After the refit, entered services on 16/09/01 with the name “Diagoras”, chosen by Anek Board; Diagoras was a Rhodes-born boxer which lived in 5th century B.C. and winner of many editions of ancient Olympic Games. Also the sons of Diagoras were successful boxers and his figure gives also the name to the main football team of Rhodes, the Diagoras F.C., which actually plays in Greek Football League, the second level of Greek Football Championship. Deployed on both late afternoon departures to Kos and Rhodes and the early afternoon departure to Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos and Rhodes, sometimes calling also at the smaller islands on that route (Nissiros, Tilos, Symi), proved to be very successful, but during May 2002 six companies which worked on her refit at Perama asked her arrest to the Piraeus Court due to unpaid works, as long as Dane Sea Line was again in financial difficulties. Between November 2002 and January 2003 she served also ANEK connections to Heraklion, probably due to the intention to secure incomings for the company; same happened between November 2003 and February 2004, this time mainly sailing to Rethymnon. On Spring 2004 Dane Sea Line was again affected by big financial troubles, leaving the “Diagoras” as the only ferry serving the Dodecanese after the mechanical troubles of her fleet-mates “Patmos” and “Rodos”; the one-ship service stopped anyway in June 25th, 2004, when the seafarers blocked the ferry owing a great amount of money from the company; at the end of September 2004 the stop was definitive, when the ship was arrested due to the unpaid contributions to the Greek Seafarers Provisional Fund and Piraeus Court stated to auction her. The auction took place on October 13th 2004, but no one made any offer, even if there were strong rumours of an interest of Attica Enterprises, owner of Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries, in buying this ferry, offering around 15 million Dollars. While the auctions continued without a buyer, on June 2005 the Greek Government announced that DANE won the tender for a subsidied route from Thessaloniki to Samos, Kos and Rhodes. This unbelievable notice led to the beginning of speculations about a comeback of the “Diagoras” to service, and Dane Sea Line asked the Piraeus Court to lift up the arrest on the ship, granting to the Government also that if the ship weren’t ready for the beginning of the service, they would have introduced “Aptera” of parent company ANEK on the service. Anyway the Piraeus Court didn’t release the ship, and the route was awarded to Agoudimos Lines and its “Penelope”. On July 5th, 2006, the ship was auctioned again, and the auction was won by Blue Star Ferries, which maintained the former named and deployed the vessel to Dodecanese services.



OSAKA KOCHI TOKKYU FERRY F/B New Tosa photo by courtesy of T. Ishiyama



DANE SEA LINE F/B Lindos photo by courtesy of EFOPLISTIS


Photo © Carsten Dettmer, Rhodes, 16/10/2001 #13257



Photo by courtesy of EFOPLISTIS


DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 03_Georges Pop

Photo © Georges Pop, Rhodes


DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 04_Sebastiaan Toufekoulas

Photo © Sebastiaan Toufekoulas, Piraeus


DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 10_Personale 05Ag05

Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Piraeus, 05/08/05 #2248


DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 11_Personale 06Ag05

Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Piraeus, 06/08/05 #2369


DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 12_Personale 06Ag05

A not welcomed passenger… - Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Piraeus, 06/08/05 #2370


DANE SEA LINE FB Diagoras 13_Personale 17Ag05

Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Piraeus, 17/08/05 #2494


BLUE STAR FERRIES F/B Diagoras – Photo © George Giannakis, Piraeus, 16/03/07 #6251


BLUE STAR FERRIES F/B Diagoras – Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Piraeus, 01/07/11 #11228


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