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DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 02

Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Piraeus, 06/10/00 #342



Ialyssos (1982)


Building Spec.

Oy Wärtsilä AB,

Helsinki, Finland, 1966 – N° 380

Call Sign


IMO Number







134,5 x 22,53 x 5,80


2 Wärtsilä-Sulzer 8RD56, 10.300 kW


21 knots







Lane Metres


Sister ships


Princesa Marissa (demolita nel 2008)

Queen Calliope (demolita nel 2002)

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

Finnpartner  Finnlines 06/1966-01/1969

Sveaborg Rederi AB Svea 01/1969-09/2001

Peer GyntAarhus Oslo Line 03/1977 (charter)

Peer GyntRederi AB Svea 04/1977-09/1978

Stena Baltica – Stena Line 09/1978-05/1982

New Names/Owners

Salim – Undisclosed interests 01/2002

Noura I – Fairley Shipping Lines 01/2002-05/2004

Scrapped at Alang (India) on May 2004 as “Noura I”



Built at Wärtsilä yards of Helsinki for Finnlines in 1966, was christened “Finnpartner” after a well-known Finnish cigarette-brand, a perfect example of subliminal advertising, also without painting the warning “Smoke damages badly your health” on ship’s sides. Of course I’m joking, also because the name “Finnpartner” became a tradition for the Finnish company, used also today on company’s ferries; also another “Finnpartner” entered Greek service later in the years, better known in Aegean Sea as the “Festos” of Minoan Lines. This “Finnparner” anyway started service in 1966 connecting Helsinki, Nynashamn, Karlskrona, Copenhagen, Travemunde, Slite and Lubeck, for Finnlines cruising in summer periods from Lubeck to Rönne and from Helsinki to Sandhamn. During Finnlines years, this ferry was often chartered to various companies for special events; was also the first ferry entering Copenhagen’s new port on May 3rd, 1968. Was sold in 1969 to Rederi Ab Svea, renamed “Sveaborg” and put between Helsingborg, Copenhagen e Travemunde. In 1977 was chartered by DA-NO Linjen for the Aarhus - Oslo link, marketed with the new commercial name “Aarhus Oslo Line” and renamed “Peer Gynt”, but the company soon ran into financial difficulties, so the service was took over by Rederi Ab Svea. In 1978 the ship was purchased by Stena Line, which added to ship side sponsons and an accomodation block located at bow, work carried by Werft Rendsburg at Nobiskrug. This work anyway was carried on to use the “Stena Baltica” as an accommodation ship rather than on Stena Line’s routes, being moored from March 1979 in various oil rigs, probably in North Sea. In 1982 was bought by Dane Sea Line, which cut away the accommodation block added by Stena Line and put her on the classic line Piraeus - Patmos - Leros - Kalymnos - Kos - Rhodes, diverting sometimes to Astypalea, Nissiros, Tilos, Symi and Kastelorizo. For a certain period, during weekends, she performed an additional itinerary from Rhodes to Karpathos and Heraklion. A extremely-well finished and luxurious vessel on her years of service under the names “Finnpartner”, “Sveaborg” and “Peer Gynt”, was extremely appreciated also in Greece, even if her on-board services were considerably reduced. In October 2000 was arrested in Piraeus by the ministry before of a departure to Astypalea, Kos and Rhodes with a breakdown to an engine. Another ship which has no more future in Greek domestic services. At the end of 2001 was sold to Farley Shipping, a Greek company controlled by Arab investors, and renamed “Noura I”; soon employed on the unlucky link Suez – Jeddah, was sometimes used also between Ukraine and Egypt until her sale for scrap of  December 2003. For a while she carried also the name “Salim” between “Ialyssos” and “Noura I”.



FINNLINES F/B Finnpartner photo by courtesy of Micke Asklander



REDERI AB SVEA F/B Sveaborg photo by courtesy of Micke Asklander


FB Peer Gynt

DA-NO LINJEN F/B Peer Gynt, photo by courtesy of Micke Asklander



STENA LINE M/N Stena Baltica Photo © Peter Asklander


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 02

Photo © Peter Asklander


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 06_cartolina ufficiale

Official DANE SEA LINE postcard


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 07_cartolina ufficiale

Official DANE SEA LINE postcard


Photo © Göran Olsson, Rhodes, 07/08/1982 #15098


Photo © Tony Garner, Piraeus, 24/06/1983 #13476


Photo © Tony Garner, Rhodes, 13/10/1984 #13477


Photo © Peter Longhurst #11758



Photo © Gunnar Menzer


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 01_Efoplistis

Photo by courtesy of EFOPLISTIS magazine


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 10_Emilio Barenghi

Photo © Emilio Barenghi


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 11_Pavlos Protopapas 1993

Photo © Pavlos Protopapas, Kassos, 1993 #3776


DANE SEA LINE FB Ialyssos 13_Antonios Lazaris

Photo © Antonios Lazaris, Piraeus #8211


Photo © Tony Garner, Symi, 19/09/1997 #13478


Photo © Rossella Balaskas, Rodi, 1999 #14936


noura I

FAIRLEY SHIPPING LINES F/B Noura I – Photo from Fairley Shipping Lines


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