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DANE SEA LINE RoRo Lindos 05_ufficiale

Official DANE SEA LINE photo, taken from #11770



Lindos (1985)


Building Spec.

Cantiere Navale Luigi Orlando,

Leghorn, Italy, 1968 – N° 125

Call Sign

IMO Number







116,47 x 17,53 x 5,1


2 C.R.d.Adriatico - Sulzer 6RD44, 5.001 kW


19 knots







Lane Metres


Sister ships

Espresso Liguria (scrapped in 1986)

Mubarak 5 (scrapped in 1987)

Rida (scrapped in 2004)

Siba Brescia (scrapped in 1999)

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

Espresso Sicilia – Traghetti del Mediterraneo 03/1968-07/1981

Eastern Isle – Atlantico Compania Naviera 07/1981-1984

Western Isle  Afmar S.A. 1984-1985

New Names/Owners

Marietta – European Sea Lines / TEM Shipping 1995-1996

Ulusoy 2 – Ulusoy Sealines 1996-1999

OlbiaOlbia Line 1999-2002

Chartered to Ecolshipping 12/1999-12/2002

Scrapped at Aliaga (Turkey) in January 2003 as “Olbia



Originally known as the “Espresso Sicilia”, was the third of a five-modern ro/ro order placed from Spiros Magliveras, a Greek shipowner which established the company Traghetti del Mediterraneo, to Luigi Orlando yards of Leghorn. Delivered to the owner on March 1968, she started sailing from Genoa to Sardinia (Porto Torres and Caralis) and to Sicily (Catania and Palermo). In 1976 OARN yards of Genoa lengthened the ferry by the insertion of a 12,5m section at midships, fitted also with stabilizers; the overall length of the ferry raised from the original figure of 104,7 metres to 116,47 metres. In 1980 the company ran in financial troubles, and the ships were laid up at La Spezia, awaiting for a buyer; this happened for the “Espresso Sicilia” in July 1981, when she was sold to Atlantico Compania Naviera of Panama, renamed “Eastern Isle” and put on Miami – Caribbean trade. She crossed again the Atlantic three years later, when she was sold to a Greek company and renamed “Western Isle”. This ro/pax was member of DANE fleet between 1985 and 1995, before being sold to a Turkish company. When serving for DANE was on routes from Piraeus and Thessaloniki to Rhodes and often, also to Limassol on Cyprus island; a service which probably was not so popular, as long as Dane Sea Line never replaced the Lindos after her sale, but this fact was probably due also to the financial problems which affected the Rhodes-based line throughout its existence. A rumour of her Greek period was that she was ice-strenghtened, but she always sailed in warm seas and there is no notice of an ice-class. The photo which Fleet File Rotterdam kindly provided to us is very early: later the “Dane Sea Line” brand appeared on Lindos’s hull and the bow accommodation for passengers was increased including the former life boats area and the lifeboats were placed above the superstructure. After three years of service for Ulusoy, she was back to Italy for Olbia Line, renamed “Olbia” and placed on the line Marina di Carrara (near La Spezia) – Olbia, but the service was soon discontinued and the ship laid up at Caralis; from December 1999 till December 2002 was linking Naples and Palermo, then in January 2003 was sold for scrap in Turkey. The most interesting story, anyway, is those of the first vessel of the series, the “Espresso Sardegna”: in March 1973 ran aground near Gorgona island, reporting great damage, capsizing and sinking; salvaged by a French company, was towed to Genoa, where she was overturned again, refitted, repaired and lengthened; in 1982 was sold to S.I.B.A. and converted in a livestock carrier.


Lindos (500)

Photo © Fleet File Rotterdam


DANE SEA LINE RoRo Lindos 03_ufficiale

Official DANE SEA LINE photo, taken from #11768


DANE SEA LINE RoRo Lindos 04_ufficiale

Official DANE SEA LINE photo, taken from #11769


DANE SEA LINE RoRo Lindos 02_Antonios Molos

Photo © Antonios Molos, Piraeus #11767


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