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Photo EFOPLISTIS from George Kobeos’s collection #12040



Elli (1967)


Building Spec.

Kamitsis Galatis Messinas – N° 68

Perama, Greece, 1967

Call Sign


IMO Number







78 x 11,10 x 3,70


2 Klöckner Humboldt-Deutz


15 knots







Lane Metres

Sister ships

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.


New Names/Owners

SchinoussaElleniki Aktoploia 03/1985-07/1989

Paros Express – Katapoliani 07/1989-04/1994

IppokratisGreek Ministry of Aegean 04/1994-02/2005

Scrapped at Aliaga (Turkey) in February 2005 as “Ippokratis



The first new build ferry of Fragline, was ordered in 1966 and delivered in March 1967, when she was inaugurated in Piraeus; in April 1967 started sailings under the name of “Elli”, which was the name of Georgios Fragoudakis’s wife. Her first timetable provided four round-trips per week to Syros, Tinos and Mykonos, and three round-trips to Paros and Naxos, being the first modern car ferry to call in these ports. From June of the same year the itinerary was modified into daily calls to Paros and Naxos, and from 1972 she continued her sailings to Ios, Oia and Thira. In 1976 she left Aegean sea to operate on Igoumenitsa – Corfu – Brindisi line, but the following year was again on Aegean routes, sailing on varous services that included the small islands between Naxos and Amorgos, the Ikaria – Samos line, services to Rhodes either via AstypaleaKalymnos – Kos – Symi and via SantoriniAnafiSitiaKassos – Karpathos – Chalki and, obviously, the popular Paros – Naxos – IosSantorini line, calling also at the small islands on the route. In 1986 the company replaced the “Elli” with a larger vessel, the “Ouranos”, and put this ship up for sale; the buyer, unexpectedly, was Elleniki Aktoploia, the Greek State-owned company which usually bought vessels from locally-owned companies in financial troubles, this time buying for the first time a ferry for starting a new line. As “Schinoussa”, she was deployed on Eastern Cyclades route, and was the only ferry carrying the Elleniki Aktoploia livery, consisting in a white hull with the “E A” letters painted on the funnels, as long as the other ferries of the company maintained their former liveries. In 1989 Elleniki Aktoploia decided to exit ferry business and sell the ships to other operators, and the buyer of the “Schinoussa” was Katapoliani, a shipping company which established with her inter-Cyclades connections, after having renamed the ferry “Paros Express”. After five years of service, the ship passed again in public ownership, acquired by Greek Ministry of the Aegean, which planned to rebuilt her as a floating hospital; the “Paros Express” was conveniently renamed as “Ippokratis” and her conversion started at Keratsini yards. Anyway, this work didn’t proceed, and the “Ippokratis” remained laid up until 2005, when she was sold for scrap.


Photo EFOPLISTIS from George Kobeos’s collection #12039


ELLENIKI AKTOPLOIA F/B Schinoussa – Photo © George Kobeos #12041


ELLENIKI AKTOPLOIA F/B Schinoussa – Photo © Karolos #12043


KATAPOLIANI F/B Paros Express – Photo © George Kobeos, Tinos #12044


KATAPOLIANI F/B Paros Express – Photo © George Kobeos, Tinos #12045


F/B Ippokratis – Photo © Leandros from George Kobeos’s collection, Piraeus #12047


F/B Ippokratis – Photo © Aleksi Lindström, Keratsini, 13/04/2004 #12048


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