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Postcard from Pieter Inpijn’s collection



Eolos (1981)


Building Spec.

Hanseatiche Werft GmbH – N° 20

Hamburg, Germany, 1962

Call Sign


IMO Number







95,99 x 15,88 x 4,47


2 Nohab-Polar M66TS, 4.239 kW


16 knots







Lane Metres

Sister ships

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

Hansa Express – Merivienti Oy (Finnlines) 07/1962-02/1966

FinndanaMerivienti Oy (Finnlines) 02/1966-06/1967

Chartered to TT Line 10/1966-06/1967

GryfPolferries 06/1967-02/1981

New Names/Owners

Agios VassiliosA.K. Ventouris 01/1995-10/1998

Clydesdale – Clydesdale Shipping Corp. 10/1998-07/2003

Scrapped at Aliaga (Turkey) in July 2007 as “Agi



Before of her purchase by Fragline in 1981 for linking Patras to Brindisi via Corfu and Igoumenitsa, the “Eolos” had served all over the Baltic Sea. Originally ordered to Hanseatiche of Hamburg by Rederi AB Vikinglinjen, which was part of Sally Group, member of Viking Line consortium, was intended to sail between Pargas and Kapellskär, was later taken over by Finnlines, which intended to open a passenger service, when Vikinglinjen cancelled the order to the German yard. From 1962 to 1967 was on Finnlines services Hango - Visby/Slite - Travemunde and Helsinki - Copenhagen, first named “Hansa Express” then “Finndana”. Being recognized as too small for the service she was needed on, was lengthened by 7,8 metres in 1963 at HDW yards of Kiel, Germany, increasing her measures from the original figure of 88,20 metres of length, 15,85 metres of breadth, and 4,40 metres of depth, to the final figures. After being chartered to TT Line in 1966 was purchased by the polish company Polferries which names her “Gryf”. First emp,loyed on Ystad - Swinoujscie line, was then moved to GdanskHelsinki service. When she was purchased by Fragline her hull was painted of blue, as her first running-mate “Georgios”: after her no more Fragline ship would have this hull colour. I remember her always on Brindisi - Corfu - Igoumenitsa line, with “Ouranos” serving on Patras line: probably she served the Patras line before of Ouranos arrival in the fleet. In 1995 was sold to A.K. Ventouris as “Agia Methodia” on the lines Italy - Greece from Brindisi and Patras. After some years of lay up in Eleusis, was sold in 1998 to Clydesdale; with her last company was for a very short period in service in Black Sea; in 1999 spring Artemis Lines planned to charter her, but she remained laid-up at Elefsis under arrest of the bank because of financial problems of  her owners, then in summer 2003 she sailed for her last trip to Aliaga beach, where she was scrapped.


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FINNLINES F/B Hansa Express - Photo by courtesy of Micke Asklander


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FINNLINES F/B Hansa Express - Photo by courtesy of Peter Asklander


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POLFERRIES F/B Gryf - Photo by courtesy of Micke Asklander


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Photo © Fleet File Rotterdam


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Photo © Emilio Barenghi


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A.K. VENTOURIS F/B Agios Vassilios - Photo © Emilio Barenghi


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A.K. VENTOURIS F/B Agios VassiliosFoto © Greecefinikunda


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