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Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Corfu, 29/07/94 #389



Ouranos (1999)

Building Spec.

Jos L. Meyer – N° 545

Papenburg, Germany, 1969

Call Sign


IMO Number







108,11 x 17,4 x 5,97


2 MAN V6V 40/54, 9.860 kW


21,5 knots




426 in 143 cabins



Lane Metres

Sister ships

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

VikingfjordNordlandfähre 08/1969-11/1970

Chartered to Fred Olsen 07/1970-10/1970

Chartered to Moltzau Line 10/1970

Prinz Hamlet II – Nordlandfähre 11/1970-08/1974

Operated by Prinzen Lines 11/1970-11/1973

Agadir – Compagnie Marocaine de Navigation 08/1974-05/1986

New Names/Owners

Golfinho Azul – Azores Islands Government 05/1999-10/2006

Scrapped at Alang (India) in January 2007 as “Golf”



One of the first car ferries (if not the first herself) built by Jos L. Meyer yard of Papenburg, Germany, was the “prototype” of “Papenburger” class of ferries, the class which made the yard well known among the shipbuilders. She started serving a link between Cuxhaven (Germany) and the ports of Stavanger and Bergen (Norway) in 1969 as “Vikingfjord”. Was on this service only for a year, then was chartered many times from 1970: in June to Fred Olsen for the Norway - Holland - England service (before of Blenheim’s delivery), then in October to Moltzau Line for Gedser - Travemunde link, in November to Prinzen Line, being renamed “Prinz Hamlet II” and serving the line Hamburg -  Harwich. Three years later the new “Prinz Hamlet” join the fleet, so this ship was sold in 1974 to Cie Marocaine as “Agadir” linking for 12 years France and Morocco. After this long period of service was purchased by Fragline to join the “Eolos” on Adriatic services and renamed “Ouranos” but, opposite to this ship, was registered in Limassol instead of Piraeus. Originally on Patras - Igoumenitsa - Corfu - Brindisi link in 1994 she stopped serving Patras because of Eolos’s sale and the company decision to maintain a daily link from Italy to Greece. In opposition of most Brindisi - Corfu - Igoumenitsa services, the “Ouranos” departed from Italy daily at 20.45 instead of morning departures.  In 1999 Fragline bought from Minoan Lines the “Ariadne” and sold this “Ouranos” to Azores Island Government, renaming the new ship as this one and employing her on the same route without giving any notice and still advertising the old “Ouranos” on company brochures: this was a great surprise for passengers arriving to Brindisi for embarkment! Starting inter-Azores ferry connections in 1999, the company had a service licence granted till the end of 2005; after the first few years, anyway, the “Golfinho Azul” started to appear in the sales lists and, worse than that, also on the lists of detained ships for safety deficiencies. The first time happened in Piraeus, Greece on April 26th, 2002, when she was there for Winter lay-up and annual overhaul; Açor Line usually chose Greece for these works, finding them to be more convenient, and for the same reason that year replaced the Portuguese crew with Romanians and Brazilians. The “Golfinho Azul” was again detained in 2003 Summer, having also had her certificates withdrawn for eight days, before being allowed to sail again, even if on certain routes only. At the end of 2003, European Commission included her among the vessels to be banned from EU ports if they were again detained. Further problems with certificates happened in 2004, and in 2005 was again detained for 103 days. In 2006 she didn’t operate and at the end of the year was sold for scrap.


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NORDLANDFÄHRE F/B Vikingfjord – Official Nordlandfähre postcard


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PRINZEN LINE F/B Prinz Hamlet II - Photo by courtesy of Micke Asklander


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COMANAV F/B Agadir – Official Co.Ma.Nav. postcard


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Photo © Per Jensen


Photo © Antonios Lazaris, Igoumenitsa #8214


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ACOR LINE F/B Golfinho Azul - Photo © Nikos Thrylos, Lavrion, 22/02/04 #1431


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ACOR LINE F/B Golfinho Azul - Photo © Nikos Thrylos, Lavrion, 22/02/04 #1430


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