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This ferry company appears on the market for the first time at the end of 2007, after having bought the “Sansovinoftom Italian State-owned company SI.RE.MAR.. After having been renamed “Santa Maria I”, the ship was deployed between Bari and Durres, linking Italia and Albania for three-four times a-week depending on the period. As new competitor in a very interesting market, with a great expansion in traffic, the G Lines is rumoured as a possible buyer also for the other two sisters of the “Santa Maria I”, which are still owned by SI.RE.MAR. and frequently appearing on brokers’s sales lists; anyway these rumours didn’t materialize, maybe because the company was aware about the “fragility” of these ferries, experiencing various mechanical troubles on its “Santa Maria I”, which spent more time laid up for repairs rather than between Italy and Albania. The last breakdown happened in August 2008, during the Summer peak: since that moment the “Santa Maria I” never sailed again for G Lines and was laid up in various places of Piraeus area awaiting repairs; at the end of 2010 anyway, the company went out of business and sold the ferry to Albanian interests.


G LINES's datas


F/B Santa Maria I (2007-2010)




G Lines – Funnel of “Santa Maria I”, Bari, 21/01/08, Photo © Erald Spahiu


G Lines – Particular of ship name on the “Santa Maria I”, Bari. 21/01/08, Photo © Erald Spahiu


G Lines – Company livery on “Santa Maria I”, Bari, 21/01/08, Photo © Erald Spahiu


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