Halkydon Shipping is part of a Group owned by three Greek businessmen: Alexandros Kedros, Michalis Trikakis and Menelaos Pappas, a former Consul of Greece in Trieste, Italy. The same persons established in Trieste the “Agemar”, earlier known as “Marittima Finanziaria”, which was the Adriatica Navigazione’s Port Agent in Trieste. Since 1950s, anyway, the company itself owned and operated freighters, mainly bulkers and tankers, recruiting a lot of sailors and maritime officers from Trieste, creating a strong link between the company and the city. Since 1994 they entered also in the ro/ro scene, operating the “Filippos” on AnconaCorinth line. When, in 1999, Adriatica announced the abandon of Trieste port, Halkydon Shipping saved the ferry service buying itself the “Espresso Grecia” of Adriatica. The ferry remained on her previous route, the TriesteDurres, marketed directly by Agemar which became shipowner from the earlier position of Adriatica port agent in Trieste. The service proved to be successful, so the company decided to deploy a ro/ro together with the “Grecia”, the “Ravenna”. The expansion of the fleet goes on in 2003, when another former Adriatica vessel is bought, the “Venezia”, doubling the passenger service TriesteDurres. The following year the “Filippos” was sold, being replaced only two years later by another ro/ro of Framnćs series bearing the same name; finally the company opened its second passenger ferry service on October 2006, linking Bari with Durres.


Many thanks to P. Sandro Amodeo for providing informations about the company


Ro/Ro Filippos (1994-04)

Ro/Ro Filippos (2006ŕ)

F/B Grecia (1999ŕ)

Ro/Ro Ravenna (2000ŕ)

F/B Venezia (2004ŕ)





Halkydon Shipping – Particular of ship name on “Venezia” 03/08/05


Halkydon Shipping – Particular of ship name on “Venezia” 03/08/05


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