1986 – 2006



Twenty years ago I remember my first trip aboard a ferry, the first “Ionian Star” of Strintzis Lines, sailing from Ancona to Patras with intermediate stops at Corfu and Igoumenitsa. This time my passion for ferries broke out, strengthened by dozens of ferry brochures, and, since 1993, the start of my “shipspotter” career, now among 2000 photos more or less of ferries and ro/ros. On 2000 then, the first pages of my website, which is slowly growing and improves day by day, thanking also of your contributions, tales, photos. My idea for celebrating these fantastic twenty years is to speak about their lines, the ferries which starried on Adriatic scene, the evolutions of these years, trying to understand in what way and why the ferries and the services have changed. Hoping that you’ll appreciate this new section!

Michele Lulurgas


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