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AEGEAN CARGO RoRo Aegean Sun 05_Personale 05Ag05

Photo © Michele Lulurgas, Drapetsona, 05/08/05 #2264



Aegean Sun (2003)


Building Spec.

Kristiansands Mekaniske Verksted,

Kristiansand, Norway, 1975 – N°222

Call Sign


IMO Number







137,55 x 20,6 x 7,17


2 Pielstick 12PC2V, 8826 kW


18,5 knots







Lane Metres


Sister ships

Aegean Sky († 2010)

Aegean Star († 2013)

Assi Euro Link (sank in 2003)

Filippos († 2013)

Stora Korsnas Link I (sank in 1991)

Strada Gigante († 2012)

Strada Gothica († 2012)


Ulusoy 6 († 2014)

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

Ordered by Tor Line; not ufficially named “Tor Caledonia” 1975

Fichtelberg – Veb Deutfracht Seerederei 1975-06/1990

Fichtelberg – Deutsche Seerederei GmbH 06/1990-09/1991

Spirit of Dublin – Dublin Ferry 09/1991-08/1992 (charter)

Fichtelberg – Deutsche Seerederei GmbH 08/1992-11/1992

NorcliffNorth Sea Ferries 11/1992-10/1993 (charter)

Fichtelberg – Deutsche Seerederei GmbH 11/1993-12/1994

Chartered to DFDS Seaways 1994

Dana Minerva – DFDS Seaways 12/1994-09/1996 (charter)

Dana Minerva – Clare Shipping 09/1996-12/1996

Seahawk – Seahawk K/S 12/1996-05/2002

Chartered to Pandoro 01/1997

Chartered to Fred. Olsen 07/1997-08/1997

Chartered to Pandoro 09/1997

Chartered to Lineas Suardiaz 02/1998-03/1998

Chartered to P&O European Ferries 05/1998

Chartered to Lineas Suardiaz 10/1998

Cetam VictoriaeCetam 05/2002-09/2002 (charter)

Seahawk – Seahawk K/S 09/2002-11/2003

Chartered to E.S.CO. Estonian Shipping Company 10/2002

Chartered to Cobelfret 2003

Chartered to Dart Line 09/2003

New Names/Owners

Chartered to Anek Cargo 2004

Archagelos – Aegean Cargo 03/2006-05/2012

Chartered to Nel Lines 2006

Chartered to Anek Cargo 2006-04/2012

Scrapped at Alang (India) on May 2012.




This ferry is the seventh of the series of ten ro/ros built in Norway between 1971 and 1977, and the only one which wasn’t built at Framnæs yards. In fact also the “Tor Caledonia”, nowadays “Strada Gigante” was built in a different yard, the A/S Fredriksstad Mekaniske Verksted, but was finished at Framnæs yard, so this is the only ferry of the serie to have never seen the Sandefjord based yard. Another fact is linking the ship to the actual “Strada Gigante”: the “Aegean Sun” was to be named “Tor Caledonia”, having been ordered by Tor Line; anyway, after the keel laying the ferry was sold to the Government of Eastern Germany, being launched with the name “Fichtelberg” and registered in Rostock, which that time was the main port of German Democratic Republic. Her first employment was between Rostock and Havana, attempting this way to defeat the American embargo against Cuba. In 1990, when Germany was again united, the ferry passed under the ownership of the new Government of United Germany and started a long serie of charters; in 1996 the ferry was sold to DFDS, which already held her on charter since two years; later the ferry was sold to Seahawk K/S, which renamed her as the “Seahawk”. On this period was chartered to Pandoro, Suardiaz, P&O and Cetam, which renamed her as the “Cetam Victoriae” during its charter period. After later spells under Cobelfret and Dart Line services, was sold to Aegean Cargo, which renamed her “Aegean Sun”. Immediately chartered out to Anek Cargo, was engaged on the ro-ro connections Patras – Bari and Patras – Porto Marghera sailing on opposite days to the “Aegean Glory”; at the end of the ANEK period the ferry was engaged on other minor charters to various operators. During one of these charters to the British company Euromed, the “Aegean Sun” had her spell of celebrity due to the mooring at Ammochostos Port (Famagusta), on Northern side of Cyprus occupied by Turkey, which is strictly forbidden to any ship flying the Greek flag. This violation caused many problems both to the company and the Master of the ship, including a safety inspection which led to a fee of over five millions Euros. According to certain rumours, this fee was adopted as a warning for any other Greek ferry which should enter a port of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a state which is internationally recognised only by Turkey. After a considerably long period of lay-up, the ferry was renamed “Archagelos” and chartered to ANEK. Was scrapped at Alang in 2012.


Photo Gallery


Rostock, 23/07/1975

Wolfgang Kramer


DSR LINE – Fichtelberg (1975-19??)



Immagine che contiene acqua, barca, esterni, nave

Descrizione generata automaticamente

Immingham, 10/02/1983

Harwich, 22/06/1983

Paul Morgan

Derek Sands


DSR LINES – Fichtelberg (19??-19??)



Kiel Canal, June 1988

Paul Morgan


DSR LINE – Fichtelberg (19??-19??)



Rotterdam, August 1992

Paul Morgan


DUBLIN FERRY – Spirit of Dublin (1991-1992)



Immagine che contiene barca, esterni, sedendo, nave

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Immagine che contiene barca, acqua, nave, esterni

Descrizione generata automaticamente

Hull, 10/06/1993

Europoort, August 1993

Paul Morgan

Pieter Inpijn


NORTH SEA FERRIES – Norcliff (1992-1993)



Immingham, 11/07/1994

Paul Morgan


DFDS SEAWAYS – Fichtelberg (1994)



Immingham, 17/05/1995

Paul Morgan


DFDS SEAWAYS – Dana Minerva (1994-1996)



Felixstowe, September 1999

Paul Morgan


SEAHAWK K/S – Seahawk (1999)



Gravesend, 12/08/2003

Europoort, September 2003

Robert J. Smith

Paul Morgan


SEAHAWK K/S – Seahawk (2002-2004)



ANEK CARGO RoRo Aegean Sun 01_Egidio Ferrighi

Porto Marghera, 02/03/2004

Egidio Ferrighi


ANEK CARGO – Aegean Sun (2004)



Bari, 24/07/2004

Egidio Ferrighi


ANEK CARGO – Aegean Sun (2004)



AEGEAN CARGO RoRo Aegean Sun 01_Apostolos Kaknis 31Mg05

AEGEAN CARGO RoRo Aegean Sun 02_Apostolos Kaknis 12Lu05

AEGEAN CARGO RoRo Aegean Sun 03_Personale 05Ag05

Perama dry dock, 31/05/2005

Drapetsona, 01/07/2005

Drapetsona, 05/08/2005

Apostolos Kaknis

Apostolos Kaknis

Michele Lulurgas


AEGEAN CARGO – Aegean Sun (2004-2005)



NEL LINES RoRo Archagelos 02_Pavlos Protopapas 25Ma06

Piraeus, 25/03/2006

Pavlos Protopapas


NEL LINES – Archagelos (2006)



ANEK CARGO RoRo Archagelos 01_Personale 04No06

ANEK CARGO RoRo Archagelos 05_Apostolos Kaknis 22Lu07

Keratsini, 04/11/2006

Keratsini, 22/07/2007

Michele Lulurgas

Apostolos Kaknis


ANEK CARGO – Archangelos (2006-2008)



Piraeus, 10/05/2009

Perama, 02/09/2010

Gerolf Drebes

Dennis Mortimer


ANEK CARGO – Archangelos (2008-2012)


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