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The company appeared in the Aegean Sea on Summer 2005 from the alliance between the shipowner Lefakis, which operated some car ferries (including the “Eftichia”) to Saronicos Islands before selling all the ferries to Minoan Flying Dolphins, and Kostas Agapitos, owner of Aegean Cargo and back on passenger services after the sale of all Agapitos Express Ferries’s ships to Minoan Flying Dolphins in 1999. The couple of shipowners bought from TR.I.S. bankruptcy the Spanish-built sisters “Bahia de Ceuta” and “Punta Europa” in 2004, renaming the first as “Athina” (Agapitos) and the second “Phivos” (Lefakis) after the two mascots of Athens 2004 Olympic Games. The “Phivos” was the first ship to enter service on 08/07/2005 between Piraeus, Aegina, Methana and Poros, followed after three months by the sister “Athina”. Anyway the sale of the latter ferry to Transmacor, happened on March 2006, was very surprisingly; apart from a spell of six months so Nova Ferries operated a single ship service to Aegina, calling often also at Methana and Poros.


F/B Athina (2005-06)

F/B Phivos (2005ΰ)




Nova Ferries – Funnel of “Athina”, Drapetsona,18/08/2005


Nova Ferries – Funnel of “Phivos”, Piraeus, 05/08/2005


Nova Ferries – Funnel of “Phivos”, Piraeus, 28/11/2007


Nova Ferries – Livrea su “Phivos”, Piraeus, 28/08/2007


Nova Ferries – Particular of ship’s name on “Phivos”, Piraeus, 05/08/2005


Nova Ferries – Particular of ship’s name on “Phivos”, Piraeus, 05/08/2005


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