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This site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and was realized with Microsoft Office Word, as long as I don’t know nothing about HTML and so on, please sorry if you find some little troubles in the site. However, if you find some problems please contact me at my address in order to solve every difficulty you could find. As long as my little PC knowledge allows, you can’t save the photos on your PC, this because of my intention to respect the copyright of the photo’s author; however if you send me a mail I can send directly the photos requested to your mailbox, this only if the photos you want are for personal use; if the photo you want is mine, you can also publish it on a website, but this only if my name is shown as the author of the photo and if the website where the photo is published is totally no-profit. My policy about the photos is to publish more and better shots, this means that sometimes the photos you can find on the site have big dimensions to have a good quality standard, so the loading of the photo could take some more time than the standards, especially if you have a slow internet connection. Sometimes you could find the same ship under different names and different companies because she had served these operators in different times: the pages you could find will be very similar one to another, but each one is focused on the service period for the present company: for example, the “Ionian Island” of Strintzis Lines and the “Blue Island” of Blue Star Ferries are the same ship, but on Strintzis Lines page you’ll find many notices about her period as “Ionian Island” and mainly the photos of that time; as “Blue Island” instead the comments are mainly about her service with Blue Star Ferries. About the Register, when you choose a name of a Ship you’ll be linked to that ship’s page; if a name of a ship is related to a period before or after her Greek service you’ll be linked to the more closer Greek service page if the name is earlier of her Greek days, and to the last Greek service if the name is after her sale by a Greek company. Thanking you for your attention and excusing-me for my poor English, I’m hoping that you’ll like this site; however, although is always possible to improve ourselves, I would like very much to receive your contributes, opinions and advices!!!





Here I would like to thank all the friends who contributed to the realization of the site, although few words could not thank enough:


First of all myself, Michele Lulurgas: I’m the webmaster and the author of comments and informations and of the worst photos of the site. I had the opportunity to sail to Greece many times in these years, travelling aboard or visiting a lot of ships as Karageorgis (although I don’t remember them!!!), Ionian Star ’76, Ionian Sun, Ionian Galaxy, Ionian Island, Ionion, Rethimnon, Lato, Kamiros, Nissos Kalymnos, Rodos, El. Venizelos, Ionian Star ’94, Superfast I, II, III, IV, Aretousa, Rodanthi, Express Olympia, Ikarus, Pasiphae, Superferry Hellas, Blue Star 1, Europa Palace, Fantastic, La Suprema, Aries, Excelsior, Nomentana, Mega Express Three, Splendid, Superfast VI, Aegean Sun, Olympia Palace, Moby Aki, Victory, Janas, Giraglia, Moby Baby, Aurelia, Hellenic Spirit, Ionian King, Nissos Mykonos, Highspeed 5, Lissos, Eptanisos, Ionian Queen, Anthi Marina, La Superba, Snav Sardegna, Moby Drea, Ariadne Palace, Superfast V, Mytilene, Theofilos, Ionian Sky, Diagoras, Blue Star Paros, Superfast XI, Pascal Paoli, Mega Express Four, Sardinia Regina, Excellent, Raffaele Rubattino, Superferry II, Penelope A, Ikarus Palace, Oglasa, Moby Lally, Split 1700, Dubrovnik, Marko Polo, Ancona, Sophocles V., Nissos Chios, Jean Nicoli, Superfast VI, Superfast XII, Cruise Europa, Cruise Olympia, Lefka Ori, Prevelis, Ariadne, Kriti II, Visentzos Kornaros, Ionian Queen, Europalink, Coraggio, Euroferry Olympia, Audacia.  There are nothing, opposite to the lucky friends who can travel on 4/5 different ships on every holiday, but I think that is a good fleet anyway!


Then, a special thanks to all the contributors of the site:


Daniele Alletto

Stefanos Antoniadis

Marco Asaro

Micke Asklander

Peter Asklander

Rossella Balaskas

Massimo Barbetti

Emilio Barenghi

Marco Barsotti

Francesco Bassano

Alessandro Bertolini

Aris Bilalis

Ted Blank

Fotios Brekas

Giuseppe Boato


Gabriele Campoccio

Michael Chiou

Brian Crocker

Douglas Cromby

Vincent Deley

Carsten Dettmer


Efoplistis” magazine

Jullien Eric

Marco Esposito

Matteo Fasce

Egidio Ferrighi

Peter J. Fitzpatrick

Brian Fisher

Fleet File Rotterdam

Bernard Fontanelle

J.Y. Freeman

Maurizio Gadda

Tony Garner

Matteo Gasparoni

George Giannakis

Osvaldo Giannella



Smulick Goronzola


Chris Howell

Muhsen Hussein

Ilias Ikaria

Julien Imbert

Ted Ingham

Stephen Ings

Pieter Inpijn

Eero Isotalo

Tsuyoshi Ishiyama

Harry Janhunen

Per Jensen

Chris Jones

Apostolos Kaknis


Vladimir Knyaz

George Kobeos

Wolfgang Kramer

Lucas Latreche

Antonis Lazaris

Dinos Lemonis

Aleksi Lindstrom

Stathis Livieratos

Peter Longhurst

Frank Lose

Xavier Maillard

Claudio Manzini

Gavino Luigi Marcia

Fotis Marinelis


Jim Mc Faul

Dave Medgett

Gunnar Menzer

Daniele Miglio

Antonios Molos

Dennis Mortimer

Jeff Mortimer

Roberto Munaò


Wayne Murray

Demetrio Neri

Miguel Nóia

Katsuyuki Ookubo

Oostend Ferry Page

Alessandro Orfanu

Bert Pellgrom

Yvon Perchoc

Gianpaolo Pesarini

Manos Petridis

Giovanni Pirodda

Georges Pop

Proud Ionian

Kimmo Rantanen

Hans Rosenkranz

Richard Sahlsten

Derek Sands

Sebastian Schaffer


Joerg Seyler

Ken Smith

Robert J. Smith

Kostas Sotiriadis

Erald Spahiu

Marko Stampehl

Urs Steiner

Ingmar Svensson

Nigel Thorntonn

Roy Thorntonn

Nikos Thrylos

Davide Tognolini

Sebastiaan Toufekoulas

Glenn Towler

Evangelos S. Tzardis

Panagiotis Vlachos


Dominik Wagner

Jochen Wegener

Wil Weijsters

Gordon Wise

John Van Zijderveld







Although it seems obvious, I want also to say that the above friends are not written in any importance order: in my opinion also a one-photo contribute is precious and well accepted, so do not hesitate sending me any photo, I want to enlarge the above list!


It’s not my policy to publish an author’s photo without the permission: if this was happened for any reason I sincerely apologize and, if the owner of the photo wants, I’ll immediately write his/her name near the photo; if he/she don’t allow me to publish the photo I’ll immediately remove it.


Then, a true thank coming from my heart and a special dedication to Gino Margheri and Luciano Cassigoli, about them I can say only that: YOU’RE THE BEST!