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 Photo © Despo from George Kobeos’s collection



Paros (1990)


Building Spec.

United Shipping Yard,

Perama, Greece, 1973 – N° 55

Call Sign


IMO Number







90,30 x 14,61 x 4,09


2 Ruston – Paxman, 5.986 kW


17 knots





Lane Metres


Sister ships

Registry Port




Former Names/Own.

Fivos – Labout S.A. 1973-1976

Chryssovalandou – Cross Ferry Line 1976-1979

Paros – Naxos Shipping Company 1979-1985

Paros – Elleniki Aktoploia 1985-1990

New Names/Owners

Ioannis Express – Arkadia Lines 1992-1996

Panagia Paxon – Ventouris N.W. Ionian Lines 1996-07/2002

Scrapped at Aliaga (Turkey) as “Panagia Paxon” in July 2002



Built by Perama yards in 1973, was ordered by Cephalonian company Labout S.A. to work on Adriatic trades, from Igoumenitsa and Corfu to Brindisi and, later, from Patras to Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Bari and, once a week, Ancona, being one of the very few modern car ferries in a market covered by former tankers and cargo ships later converted to ferry use. Three years later was sold to Cross Ferry Line, as their “Chryssovalandou”, working on the same services; anyway the competition in Adriatic seas increases with other modern car ferries, often larger than this one, so the “Chryssovalandou” came to Aegean sea, bought by Naxos Shipping company to double their connections to Syros, Paros, Naxos and other Cycladic islands, sailing from Piraeus on evening. On 1985 the company was taken over by Elleniki Aktoploia; mainly operated by the state-owned company on her known routes, she was also employed from Cyclades to Western Crete (Kissamos) and from there to the islands of Antikythira and Kythira and Kalamata, South Peloponnese. The ferry was in Kalamata also on September 13th, 1986, when the city was hit by an earthquake of 6th degree on Richter scale, and she remained there for six months to cover the needs of the population. She was sold to Arkadia Lines in 1990, and two years after she was renamed “Ioannis Express”; on July 1992 a fire broke on the ship. As long as I know, the ferry didn’t operate anymore for Arkadia Lines, and in 1996 was sold to Giorgos Ventouris, a relative of the most known operators of Ventouris Ferries and Ventouris Sea Lines, which intended to operate the ferry on Amphilochia – Preveza – Paxi – Corfu line under the brand Ventouris N.W. Ionian Lines and the appropriate name “Panagia Paxon”; was later moved on the last-known route operated by this vessel, the Alexandruopolis – Limnos – Mytilini – Chios – Samos – Ikaria – Patmos – Leros – Kalymnos – Kos – Rhodes, and later was laid up at Elefsina, where it seems someone attempted to sink her. In 2002 was sold for scrap.


ELLENIKI AKTOPLOIA / NAXOS N.E. F/B Paros – Photo © Jim Mc Faul, Paros, 11/04/83 #11004


ELLENIKI AKTOPLOIA / NAXOS N.E. F/B Paros – Photo © Jim Mc Faul, Paros, 11/04/83 #11005


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