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Arkadia Lines was established in 1989 by the Greek shipowner Moulopoulos, which characterizes also ferry's funnels with the first letter of his surname. The first two vessels bought were the "Provence", renamed "Poseidon Express" and the "Dimitrios Express", former "Saint Colum I", both intended to be used on Piraeus - Paros - Naxos - Ios - Santorini, but only the first was effectively deployed there; the"Dimitrios Express" started linking Patras, Igoumenitsa, Corfu and Bari, leaving the Cycladic routes to two vessels acquired from Elleniki Aktoploia, the "Paros" and the "Naxos". A third vessel from Elleniki Aktoploia, the "Samaina", continued sailing from Piraeus to Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Ikaria and Samos, as it was in her "previous life". In the same year also Afroessa Lines merger in Arkadia Lines, bringing into the company the vessels “Paloma” and “Silver Paloma” and their Piraeus – Rhodes – Limassol – Haifa line; Arkadia Lines was then composed by seven ferries operating on different routes. In 1992 the “Paloma” was redeployed on Greece – Italy line, along the “Dimitrios Express”, while the “Paros” was renamed “Ioannis Express”; then the following year the Arkadia fleet was reduced from seven to five ferries, after the sale to China of the “Naxos” and the “Paloma”. In 1993 the “Dimitrios Express” was renamed “Kadia Express” and moved to Greece – Cyprus – Israel line, but in 1994 her previous name was restored and was sent again in Adriatic sea, this time operating only between Igoumenitsa and Bari with the “Silver Paloma”, which meant the closure of Piraeus – Rhodes – Limassol – Haifa line. The 1996 was an infamous year for Arkadia Lines; the “Ioannis Express” was sold, the “Poseidon Express” in April hit a reef at Paros, which caused flooding and later the capsizing of the ferry, which was declared a Total Constructive Loss; the ferry was replaced on Cyclades route by the “Dimitrios Express”, renamed “Poseidon Express 2”, while the “Silver Paloma”, which was renamed “Megistanas” in 1995 after having been reflagged, was left laid up, abandoning the Bari – Igoumenitsa service. The “Samaina” finally ramed the Greek military vessel “Kostakos”, which sank causing four deaths among the crew, and was arrested due to the investigation in the collision. The “Poseidon Express 2” remained the only ship serving Arkadia Lines routes in 1998 and 1999, then was sold to Minoan Flying Dolphins: this was the end of Arkadia Lines. The remaining two laid-up vessels, the “megistanas” and the “Samaina” were sold for scrap on July 2000.




F/B Dimitrios Express (1989-96)

F/B Megistanas (1995-99)

F/B Naxos (1990-93)

F/B Paros (1990-92)

F/B Paloma (1990-93)

F/B Poseidon Express (1990-97)

F/B Poseidon Express 2 (1996-99)

F/B Samaina (1990-99)

F/B Silver Paloma (1990-95)







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