Photo © Antonia Lulurgas, Patras, 20/08/04



Superfast V (2000) ΣΟΥΠΕΡΦΑΣΤ V

Building Spec.

2000 at HDW yard, Kiel, Germany N° 355

Call Sign


IMO Number







203,9 x 25 x 6,42


4 Wartsila-Sulzer, 42.240 kW


28,9 knots, max 29,8




974 (842 in 244 cabins)



Lane Metres


Sister Ships

Superfast VI

Registry Port




Former Owners


Former Names


New Owners


New Names



Ancona – Patras (01/01/05 – 21/07/05; 08/08 – 12/08 and 05/09 – 31/12);

 Ancona – Igoumenitsa – Patras – Ancona (22/07 – 07/08);

Ancona – Patras – Igoumenitsa – Ancona (13/08 – 04/09)



Awaited  for the new connections to Igoumenitsa and Patras from Ancona on 11/06/00, then on 15/07, then on 01/10/00, was affected by verious troubles to her gearboxes and delivered only in April 2001, forcing HDW to pay to Attica Enterprises a big fee. This ship is very similar to the four units deployed from 2001 into Baltic Sea, although she is a little different and not ice-strenghtened. However, this ship is a very unlucky one: the draft has passed from 6,4 m to 6,42, causing increase in fuel consumption. Surely Attica Enterprises could not consider, wiewing these results, to place ship orders  in shipyards out of Germany? Coming back to April 2001, she was deployed on Ancona – Igoumenitsa – Patras and Ancona – Patras line; although she was indicated together with her sister on the new Belgium – Scotland link, she is always serving Ancona, Igoumenitsa and Patras, although being employed mainly on the evening direct departure (19.00 from Ancona to Patras and 20.00 from Patras to Ancona); until the end of 2003 she remained moored in Patras once a week for her mantainance, but after the sale of “Superfast I” instead of her lay-up day was forced to sail to Bari in order to maintain frequent departures to the Southern Italy port; for the same reason the Friday evening departure of 20.00 calls also in Bari (06.00 next day) and arrives at Ancona at 16.00 instead of 14.00. A particular feature of this ferry, in a different way also with the “XI” and “XII” sisters, is that if the ferry is moored with the bow to the quay (almost never) with the port side to the quay (as it is at the Eastern approach of Patras port) there is a passenger ramp cutted on port side next to the bow, which can be used in place of the bow passenger ramp. As from 2005 season the call at Bari was cancelled, but on peak seasons the ferry calls at Igoumenitsa, loosing an hour on her transit time between Ancona and Patras. I don’t agree with this statement, because in this way Superfast quits its plus to have the only direct link between Ancona and Patras; as usual the passengers from/to Patras are damaged. And I don’t want to think to the delays which would be provided at Igoumenitsa…


Photo © Antonia Lulurgas, Patras, 20/08/04


Photo © Dominik Wagner, 31/10/04


Photo © Dominik Wagner, 31/10/04


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