Maritime Way



The newest company between Italy and Greece, is the only Italian company operating from Brindisi after the end of Adriatica services; the main shareholder of the Trieste-based company is Mr Romano Artioli, which was the owner of Bugatti car factory during the first half of ‘90s and also for a while, shareholder of Minoan Lines. At the Greek headquarters based in Maroussi (once a time headquarter of Minoan Lines) we can find also two well known employees: Mr Lucas Sigalas, once a time manager of Poseidon Lines, and Minas Sfinias, son of Panagiotis, which was most famous first because of her skill as manager, then for his sad suicide. My Way services started in 2002 after the purchase of ex-Minoan Lines “El Greco” and “King Minos” and the charter of “Erotokritos”. The three ferries were deployed, without name change, respectively on BrindisiIgoumenitsaCephaloniaPatras, Brindisi – Corfu – Igoumenitsa and the new link Monfalcone (near Trieste) – BariIgoumenitsaPatras. On summer 2003 the Monfalcone line was suspended because of renovation works to Monfalcone port and all the three ferries were deployed on daily connections from Brindisi to Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Cephalonia and Patras; in 2004 the services of the company were reduced after the sale of “El Greco” and the charter of “King Minos”, abandoning the BrindisiCorfuIgoumenitsa line. For completing the sailings from Brindisi to Patras on a daily basis Maritime Way chartered the “Elli T”. At present, this company after a great start is a little delusion: let’s hope an improvement of their services the following years.




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