G.A. Ferries, a company belonging to Gerasimos Agoudimos, started operations at the end of 80’s with three ferries: the Japanese twins renamed “Milena” and “Daliana” and the ex-channel ferry “Earl Harold”, previously called “Ailsa Princess”, which was named “Dimitra”. The first routes where these ships were deployed were the Central Cyclades (SyrosTinosMyconos - Paros – Naxos – Ios – Santorini), Ikaria, Samos, Crete and Rhodes via Crete – Karpathos. Since 1991 the flagship of the fleet is the beautiful “Rodanthi”, which was deployed along “Daliana” on the route Piraeus – Rhodes via Cyclades – Crete – Karpathos; at the end of 1992 a fift ship joined the G.A. Ferries operations: the “Romilda”, well know as the Channel ferry “Hengist” later “Stena Hengist”. Also this ship started to link Piraeus and Rhodes, but calling at Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Nissiros, Tilos and Symi instead of Crete and Karpathos. In 1993 G.A. Ferries tried to enter the Adriatic market, deploying their splendid flagship “Rodanthi” to AnconaCorfuIgoumenitsaPatras line. Subsequently was unexpectedly accompanied by the new “Romilda”: this because the ex - “Free Enterprise VIII”, although bought to serve domestic links to substitute the first “Romilda”, was flagged out from the Greek Registry along with “Rodanthi” for unknown reasons. However, probably because the “Romilda” was not suitable for long crossings like these from Ancona to Patras, probably because, even if the “Rodanthi” is fantastic had to front ships like the “Ionian Island”, “Fedra”, “El Greco”, “Ionian Galaxy”, “Daedalus” and the new entry on Ancona market “El. Venizelos”, probably because the improbable summer timetable (departing from Ancona Tuesday and Thursday at 20.00 to Corfu  (16.00) and Igoumenitsa (17.00) continuing on Saturday crossing also to Patras (23.00)) was almost never performed, the international link was abandoned the following year for the lucrative domestic market. Moreover, in 1994 the “Marina” which for three years was advertised to be rebuilt, entered at least on Piraeus – Dodecanese – Rhodes line, along with “Rodanthi” and confirming the high standards on board the flagship. In 1995 the original “Dimitra” was substituted by the new one, previously the “Ionian Sea” of Strintzis, bought together with Dane Sea Line which, in 1997, entirely bought the vessel. G.A. Ferries decided to substitute her with an ex-Tirrenia, ferry, the “Verga” which was renamed “Dimitroula” and started to ply the ThessalonikiSporadesCycladesCrete line together with Minoan Lines’s “El Greco”. At the end of 1999 G.A. Ferries bought a fast monohull, the “Express Ionion”, which won a service permission to Cephalonia and Ithaca from Patras; in November 1999 the company belonging to Gerasimos Agoudimos sell the 46% stake of her capital to Minoan Flying Dolphins: the consequences were that the Akti Kondyli building became the Head Office of M.F.D. and of her subsidiaries “Hellas Ferries” and “Saronikos Ferries” and, unfortunately, theater of Pandelis Sfinias’s suicide; the “Express Ionion” changes her name to “JetFerry 1”, a name recalling M.F.D. and painted very similar to M.F.D. catamarans instead being painted as all G.A. ships; finally two orders of 150 metres / 29 knots ferries from Aker Finnyards of Rauma were cancelled. After some years of very close service with H.F.D., on 2003 Gerasimos Agoudimos bought back the stake capital in H.F.D. hands then, considering that in 2005 “Daliana” and “Milena” will be 35 years old and the “Marina” 34, started to buy some vessels: on summer 2003 the “PO Kent”, renamed “Anthi Marina” and deployed on November 2003 on Piraeus – Dodecanese line; on March 2004 the “PO Canterbury”, renamed “Alkimini A” and deployed on the new line Brindisi – Corfu – Igoumenitsa from June; that ship was subsequently sold to Polferries in October 2004; then on summer 2004 the company announced also the purchase of the “Arborea” from Tirrenia, due to join the fleet in September 2004, but soon after G.A. Ferries decided to quit its offer leaving the ferry to the Italian company. Finally, the company bought the “Pride of Provence” from P&O, which should start her services in 2005: after a while was chartered out to Kystlink.


F/B Alkmini A (2004)

F/B Alkmini A (2005à)

F/B Anthi Marina (2003à)

F/B Arborea (2004)

F/B Daliana (1989à)

F/B Dimitra (1989-95)

F/B Dimitra (1995-97)

F/B Dimitroula (1997à)

H/S/C Express Ionion (1999-00)

H/S/C JetFerry 1 (2000()

F/B Marina (1991à)

F/B Milena (1989à)

Ro/Ro Nicolas A. (1995à)

F/B Rodanthi (1989à)

F/B Romilda (1992-93)

F/B Romilda (1993à)




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