For many years was the only Italian company in Adriatic. Owned by Finmare Group (now named “Tirrenia Group”), in the past years had a lot of routes, also involving Greek Ports. Until 1994 Adriatica linked Italy and Egypt with a 8-day round trip calling at Venice, Bari, Piraeus, Heraklion (Crete) and Alexandria; then they worked mainly with Albania (from Bari to Durres), Croatia (Ancona - Split and Bari - Dubrovnik) and cargo services between Italian mainland and Sicily (Genoa – Termini Imerese; Leghorn – Catania and Catania – Ravenna). Having been in the past one of the best ferry operators in the Mediterranean, recently Adriatica ran a fleet of cargo ships and a few outdated ferries, competing on lines where the other companies rarely operate ferries younger than 25 years old and often near to their 40th birthday. It was a shame that Tirrenia  can operate one of two new ferries every season and Adriatica was abandoned to its destiny by the Italian Government, also thinking that a “Janas” at Ancona, or also a “Vincenzo Florio” in Bari or Brindisi could establish a profitable link to Greece. The hope of a “renaissance” of the Venice – based company after a privatisation were lost when Adriatica brands were cancelled and the ferries and services incorporated under Tirrenia brands, marketing the Croatia, Albania and Tremiti islands services as “Tirrenia divisione Adriatica”.




Ro/Ro Allemagna Express (1976-88)

Ro/Ro Anglia Express (1976-90)

F/B Appia (1961-92)

Ro/Ro Buona Speranza (1985-94)

Ro/Ro Campania (2001-04)

F/B Canaletto (2000-04)

Ro/Ro Corriere del Nord (1975-79)

Ro/Ro Corriere del Sud (1972-78)

Ro/Ro Corriere dell’Est (1972-81)

Ro/Ro Corriere dell’Ovest (1975-79)

F/B Domiziana (2003-04)

F/B Egitto Express (1991-04)

Ro/Ro Egizia (1989-04)

Ro/Ro Espresso Catania (1993-04)

F/B Espresso Egitto (1980-91)

F/B Espresso Grecia (1976-99)

F/B Espresso Livorno (1976-80)

Ro/Ro Espresso Ravenna (1994-04)

F/B Espresso Venezia (1989)

F/B Espresso Venezia (1990-03)

Ro/Ro Fenicia (1989-04)

F/B Laurana (1992-04)

Ro/Ro Nuova Ventura (1986-93)

F/B Palladio (1989-04)

F/B San Domino (1989-04)

F/B Sansovino (1989-04)

Ro/Ro Serenissima Express (1976-89)

F/B Tiepolo (1981-93)

F/B Tintoretto (1983-89)

F/B Tiziano (1980-93)

Ro/Ro Via Adriatico (2001-04)




Adriatica – Funnel of “Campania”, Genoa, 13/11/05


Adriatica – Funnel of “Egitto Express”, Photo © Erald Spahiu


Adriatica – Funnel of “Espresso Venezia”, Photo © Erald Spahiu


Adriatica – Funnel of “Palladio”, Ancona, 04/10/03


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